The Art and Inspiration Artist in Residence at Shaler North Hills Library

I am so pleased to announce that throughout the month of March 2015 I will be the official Art and Inspiration Artist in Residence at the Shaler North Hills Library, in Shaler, PA.   Art and Inspiration with William Rock is a weekly gathering for artists to talk about process, creativity, and inspiration in their work. 

As the Artist in Residence, every Thursday I will be at the library from 1 - 5pm, working with patrons one-on-one as an artist you can "check out" for creative consulting, as well as creating works in collaboration with you that revolve around drawing and collage and self-publishing books.  The main focus of my time there will be to continue working on 'The Never-Ending Book of Women's Rights' with people at the library.  

The culmination of the residency will become a performance to be held at the end of the month, exact details TBD.

I will also be attending each of the weekly Art and Inspiration Classes that take place from 7-9pm each Thursday night.

More information on the program here: