Forever Whale Watching, 2016 - Ongoing
Multiple bodies of work as drawing, wall installation, photography, sculpture, painting, writing, poetry, song, and attending scientific conferences.

About: Forever Whale Watching is a conceptual framework for my ongoing passion and interest in whales as species, subject, material, witness, phenomenon. The investigation or obsession began very early in life, but artistically only started to materialize in 2016 with a collection of whale bone fossils that I bought from an amateur paleontologist. To date, I have made several bodies of work relating to this theme and will continue to make this work indefinitely. It is how I watch the whales, disappearing on our watch, the craziest whale watch of my life. I cannot look away.

Below is the work I’ve made to date, click on any image to see the full series.

Whale Watch in October

October 1-31, 2019
A form of conceptual whale watching everyday for a month. Work includes drawing, song, poetry. Made as artist-in-residency with GATE Gallery, an online platform for site-specific work produced by The Spectacular House.

Slides of Her Story

A collection of drawings, 2019.

The Feet of Her Tail

A series of small sculptures, 2018.

Portrait of Her

Sculptural drawing exhibited at The Sculpture Museum, 2018

Deep See

Mural-sized drawings made directly on studio walls from 2017-2018.