The Blindspot of the Dream
A Blind, Guided Tour for One Person

Made of three elements: Floorplan Drawing; One-night performance; Audio documentation of the event
Floorplan Drawing: 10" x 10" xerox of floorplan of the gallery space with charcoal drawing
One-night performance: 400 pounds of wet clay, three musicians, two tour guides, and an audience of about 30 people, totally darkened space of 10' x 25'
Video trailer/teaser of event: 2-minute video of audio highlights and overview of the night, the only documentation that exists outside of the memory of those who were there

Musicians: Ian Bonnet, Matt Fagerburg, Kenneth Painter, Jr. 
Guides: Nina Sarnelle, Bob Miller

Exhibited in:
Fools Gold (four-person show with Agnes Bolt, Julie Leidner, Daniel Luchman)
Unsmoke Artspace Systems
One-night only
September 18, 2010

About: The Blind Spot of the Dream was my first attempt and iteration of a tour I had been planning and dreaming about for years.  It was a blind, guided tour for one person at a time.  Your guide brings you into a darkened space and gives you tea, tells you a story. You walk into the next room, which is pitch black. A band performs live for you in the dark. You are introduced to an extinct mammal through touch and asked to mold her back together. At its logical conclusion (10 - 15 minutes) your tour ends. The documentation of this event is the memory of those who were there, a short video trailer, and a blueprint.  The work is in dedication to the Baiji River dolphin (lipotes vexillifer) which I also made another performance work about, as seen in The Baiji's Last Swim.