Three-minute trailer of the performance

One-Hour Performance in Six Acts
December 12, 2014
Commissioned and created for the New Hazlett Theater CSA Series for the 2014-2015 Season

Ricardo Iamuuri as The Weather
Scott Andrew as The Unreliable Narrator
Mimi Jong as the Musician
Jil Stifel & Jasmine Hearn as The Extinct Dolphin
Ricardo Iamuuri as The Weather
Scott Andrew as The Unreliable Narrator
Joanna Reed as the Slow Activist
Tessa Barber as The Ballad Singer
Christina Lee as the Artist
Gia Cacalano as The Woman Dancing
Oreen Cohen as The Reader
Kylan Bjornson as The Child / The Future
Anqwenique Wingfield as The Witness
Natalya Pinchuk & Dana Sperry as Two People in Love
Harrison Apple & Dani Lamorte as Two People in Love
Ji young Nam as The Last One Standing

Lighting Design by Mark Bailey
Camera and sound on video trailer: Ivette Spradlin and Athena Frances Hardin
Photography: Renee Rosensteel

About: TRANSLATIONS was a one-hour performance that translates my work from Pittsburgh Performance Actions 2013-2014. The retelling was a new adaptation for stage,  inspired by Pittsburgh and the complex stories of our region and world.  It allowed me to work with a huge talented cast, have professional support, and be encouraged to take these visions to the next level.  In 2015 - 2016 I am directing these stories, much changed and altered, into a new version for cinematic video under the title Wild Clarity.

Translations was reviewed by David Bernabo here.