Slow N.E.W.S. in Fascist Times, 2017
Black and white photographs, with text
17" x 11"
Digitally printed on ten pages
First Edition: Printed Sept 22, 2017
Limited Edition of 20

About the work:  Slow N.E.W.S. in Fascist Times is currently in-production as a series of slow newspapers that are released periodically during this Trump Reign of Terror. To process the news, I shoot the photographs with my iPhone and deconstruct them until they become something else. This series will continue for the duration of this xenophobic, claustrophobic, homophobic and anti-everything beautiful and alive and miraculous administration.  

Subscriptions available for $75/year - 4 limited edition papers. This slow newspaper will hit the news stands, and as an online news service in Spring 2018.