Sacredesecrated, 2014
Colored pencil on slate pieces, wooden chair remodified, simple reader as a small booklet, large slate panels
Various dimensions

Exhibited at:
Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY (April 2014) - Landlessness Group Show curated by Carrie Hott

About: Sacredesecrated, 2014 was made in honor of Rachel Carson for a group show about Landlessness.  It felt appropriate to draw on Rachel's work since I was living in Pittsburgh where she was born, and many of the struggles facing us as a city in 2014 were similar in certain ways to those she tried to illuminate and fight for throughout her lifetime. Fracking is a menace in Pennsylvania, and its toxic legacy will not be known until generations have lived and died through all of this - we are the guinea pigs for what is happening on the frontlines.  No one knows what these chemicals are doing to us, or really where they are or how they are being monitored.  This is a chair you can sit in and face some of this, literally, by facing the slate, which is there as the shale, and reading a simple reader about Carson and the impact of fracking on our land.