The Never-Ending Book of Women's Rights, 2014 - Never-Ending
Colored pencil, water, and mixed media on slate pieces
Various dimensions

Exhibited at:
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA (March-April 2014) - Women in Time, solo exhibition curated by Adam Welch
J Street Studios Presents: The Whitney Houston Biennial, Brooklyn, New York - May 2014 - group feminist exhibition curated by C Finley

About: The core of this project is that it is never-ending in the same way that women are never-ending. It contains a limitless number of pages that are made out of slate and can be exhibited at any time, anywhere.  When I die this work will be passed on to a younger artist to continue.  During my lifetime I would like to encourage you to see this work in everything I do with slate.  That is how this book is being made.   I see women's rights as a never-ending pursuit that contains all things.