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Artworks Samples Page

This work presents a limited selection from each of the four main branches of my major ongoing work “In The Garden During the War”,
2016- Ongoing


# 1. Government Intervention: The Other Border Wall Proposals
With Tereneh Idia and Leah Patgorski as JM Design Studio

Pipe Organ Wall
From ‘The Other Border Wall Proposals’, a series of seven humanitarian designs for the US/MX border region that we sent to the US Customs and Border Control Agency during their ‘Request for Proposals for The Other Border Wall Prototypes’ open call in early 2017.
Ink on paper
5” x 10”
Sent in as digital PDF

# 2. Works on Paper: Drawings from the Field
Two ongoing collections of drawings on paper

Ink Drawings (Portraits from the Field)
Ink on antique paper stationary
Collection of 8 (to date)
9.25” x 6.75”

Pastel Drawings (Flowers in the Garden on Memorial Day)
Chalk pastel on paper
Collection of 11 (to date)
9” x 6”

# 3. Sculptural Installations: Breaking News!
Installation on studio walls using mixed media, various dimensions
Documented with camera and printed as limited edition prints, edition of 5
Each photograph 11” x 14”
Collection of 9 images (to date)

# 4. Songs and Performance: Helene Augustine and Friends
Writing and performing songs as Helene Augustine, and creating special public performance events for other artists to participate in as well as music videos. Using my studio, as well as other theatrical and gallery spaces, to create this work.

In The Garden During the War: Introduction Song
Two minute video with sound
Created in studio with the ‘Breaking News’ work and other related artworks

From ‘In The Garden During the War’

Helene Augustine Songs
The songs I make and record in my home studio as Helene Augustine. These are the songs I would like to continue working on and record professionally, make an EP, and continue performing before live audiences. Link below is to my Soundcloud page.

The songs and lyrics list as PDF, click here

In The Garden During the War Performance Events
Short trailer video of the first ‘In The Garden During the War’ performance series event I produced on May 28, 2018 at Glitterbox Theater in Pittsburgh. Video does not show all the performers of the evening. I invited 7 artists to be part of this event, and they all performed their own special piece that included dance, music, and song.
With: Dylan Angell (NYC), Ian Armstrong, Giling, Gia Cacalano, slowdanger, Princess Jafar and Livefromthecity of 1Hood.