Helene Augustine is the name I perform my songs under. It’s the name of a great-great aunt who died at the age of 18 in Austin TX in 1901, with all her life before her. It’s also the name of a great-niece who was born to honor the original Helene, and also died at a very very young age of 12 months. This relationship to my matrilineal Irish line is very important to the work because I think it is from that ancestry that I am able to sing and write music in a very raw, self-taught way. These are performed as a mix between folk song and performance art. I believe it’s a way to channel story and rhyme. It is totally connected to my other work but has only been seriously part of my practice for the past year.

I have my songs here:


Treasure Show at Brillobox, Pittsburgh, March 13
Opening for Elliot Sheedy and Sofia Caetano ‘Microwave Queen Tour’, Light Box, Detroit, March 22
With Merce Lemon and Bitter Whiskers, Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, April 18