First Place Woman Transformed 50 Times on May 16, 2014
50 Color Digital Photographs
Printed on Espon Professional Paper, signed and numbered on back
13.75" x 10.75" each
Edition of 1 plus 2 A.P.

First Place Woman Transformed 50 Times in 319 Movements, 2014
Stop-Motion Animation
Music by Juana Molina

Commissioned for CSA - PGH
A new distribution method for original works of art

With artists: Edith Abeyta, Cara Erskine, Barbara Weissberger, Alexis Gideon, Lucia Nhamo, David Montano, Alisha Wormsley, Jim Rugg and Jason Lex
Organized by: Casey Droege, Corey Escoto, Blaine Siegel, and Kilolo Luckett

About: Commissioned by a great distribution method to encourage collecting contemporary art, I was asked to make something in an edition of 50.  Using my momentum from my series 'Seven Matriarchs' made a few months earlier, I returned to the concept of taking one sculpture and transforming it many times.  In this updated version I allowed the transformation to develop over the period of 24 hours, documenting the process with my camera.  I printed the 50 best moments for the series, and turned the entire process into a stop-motion animation. This was one of the most enjoyable pieces I have ever worked on and plan to return to this process in 2016.

This work was supported by a Project Sponsorship at the Pittsburgh Creative Center for Reuse, where all the materials, including the original trophy, came from.