Election 2016 Drawings (Trumpcartoons), 2016
Ink on paper
Various sizes ranging approximately 11" x 8" each

About the work: Election 2016 Drawings (Trumpcartoons) began in the race for the White House in 2016.  The world watched, both horrified and mesmerized, as Trump and Clinton battled it out for the most powerful position in the world.   I was among the many people who believed the alt-right candidate, who was also sexist and perverse, not to mention corrupt and calculated, would not win against the career politician, even if she was going to become our first American woman president.  As the race accelerated I began making these cartoons as a way to keep him contained, and minimized, and absurd.   The final drawings, The Hang Man series, were made leading up to his election - and I burned it that fateful night before the results were in.  I think it now stands as a terrifying forecast of exactly what we have now as reality.  I will continue to render Trump as a cartoon because it helps me process this insanity.