Chairs for Nancy Spero and Lucy Lippard with Simple Readers, 2014 - 2015
Acrylic paint, ink, spray paint on two wooden chairs with attached fabric bag that contains the Simple Reader
Chair: 32" x 16" x 15"
Reader: 15" x 12", Edition of 1, plus 5 A.P., printed digitally and bound with thread

View the Nancy Spero Simple Reader here
View the Lucy Lippard Simple Reader here

Women in Time (solo exhibition), curated by Adam Welch
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
February 7- April 30, 2014
Press: Pittsburgh City Paper

Whose Sleeves, curated by Peter Mandradjeff
The Union Hall
Pittsburgh, PA
September 3 - September 28, 2015
With: Leah Patgorski, Bianca Beck, and Amelia Saddington

About the work: Chairs for Nancy Spero and Lucy Lippard With Simple Readers was an honest attempt to summon the spirit of these powerful and potent feminiss into the room with me.  I made the chairs as a pair in a formal gesture to bring the two of them together in conversation around the table.  The work functions as memorial and scholarship as a way to encourage those who see the work to learn more about these two important American women.